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NCDOT Improving Pedestrian Safety at Three Davidson Intersections

Charlotte - The N.C. Department of Transportation is implementing signal changes designed to improve pedestrian safety at three intersections in Davidson.

The signal timing change, known as a leading pedestrian interval, will be implemented on N.C. 115/Main Street's intersections with South Street/Chairman Blake Lane, Concord Road and Griffith Street. The leading pedestrian interval gives pedestrians a head start as they begin crossing at a crosswalk, making them more visible to motorists.

NCDOT plans to implement the signal timing changes the night of Tuesday, June 14.Once the signal changes are complete, the "walk" signal for pedestrians will display three seconds before the green signal for drivers. This allows pedestrians to establish their presence in the crosswalk before cars enter the intersection and attempt to turn. Studies show a 60 percent reduction of pedestrian-vehicle collisions, as well as a reduction in the severity of those crashes, after implementation of a leading pedestrian interval.

As part of the safety improvements to the three intersections, NCDOT will install signal heads with flashing yellow arrows, where possible, for vehicle movements potentially in conflict with pedestrian movements. In addition, NCDOT will install nine permanent signs that tell turning motorists to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

The process of Implementing the leading pedestrian interval at the three intersections is expected to have minimal impacts to traffic. Motorists and pedestrians should continue to obey their respective signals at all times and stay alert when traveling through any intersection.

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2/19/2018 7:48 AM