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NCDOT Model Bridge Building Competition Regional Winners Advance to Finals

Raleigh - The N.C. Department of Transportation invited all North Carolina middle and high schools to participate in its 17th annual Model Bridge Building Competition. The event features teams of students designing and building a model bridge. The bridges are tested by NCDOT engineers, with the engineers and representatives of engineering companies serving as the judges.

The regionals were held at four locations across the state today and the winners below have advanced to the finals to be held on April 15 in Raleigh:

Region One:

Middle School -Clarkton School of Discovery of Clarkton

High School -Wilson Christian Academy of Wilson

Region Two:

Middle School -Thales Academy of Rolesville

High School -Franklin Academy High School of Wake Forest

Region Three:

Middle School -West Pine Middle School of West End

High School -North Moore High School of Robbins

Region Four:

Middle School -Polk County Middle School of Mill Spring

High School -Polk County Early College of Columbus

This competition is designed to give students a hands-on opportunity to apply their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills to a real-world scenario, and get excited about STEM courses. The competition is also a way to encourage students to pursue engineering careers, and ultimately lead them to positions with NCDOT.

To learn more about the competition check out the Model Bridge Building event video on YouTube, or contact event organizer Michelle Jernigan at


2/19/2018 7:49 AM