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Operational Improvements Coming to Portion of Bragg Boulevard

Raleigh - The N.C. Department of Transportation last week awarded a contract for operational and safety upgrades along N.C. 24/N.C. 87/Bragg Boulevard. The project will add a synchronized street design from Barrington Cross Street to east of Martin Luther King westbound ramps and N.C. 24/N.C. 210/Rowan Street between Ray Avenue and Ramsey Street.

The synchronized street design improves travel flow and safety by redirecting side-street travel. At a traditional intersection, a side-street driver must look both ways to cross a divided highway, and there are more threats to left-turning drivers. A driver wanting to cross a synchronized street from a side street only has to focus on one direction of traffic at a time, as only right turns are allowed. Drivers can then make a U-Turn at a designated spot on the road, and proceed in the opposite direction on the main road or access the right turn to continue on the side street.

Synchronized streets also reduce the number of conflict points, which reduces the risk of severe right-angle (T-bone) crashes, especially for side-street drivers who are turning left or crossing all lanes of traffic.

The over two-mile project will improve safety along this busy Fayetteville route. Currently, 30,000 vehicles on average travel the area daily with average daily traffic expected to increase to 35,500 by 2035.

Crews can begin as early as April 2016, with an estimated completion date of May 2017.

Barnhill Contracting Company of Rocky Mount is the contractor for the almost $3.4 million project.

This is one of seven road and bridge projects awarded by the Department of Transportation this month. The contracts were awarded to the lowest qualified bidder, as required by state law. They are worth $37.2 million, which is about $100,000 below NCDOT engineers' estimated cost.


2/19/2018 4:18 PM