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Pedestrian Bridge Approved for Lake Waccamaw

Lake Waccamaw - The McCrory Administration has approved funding for the construction of a timber pedestrian bridge in The Town of Lake Waccamaw in Columbus County, which will provide greater connectivity to Lake Waccamaw State Park's network of trails.

The project, funded by the Department of Transportation's Division-wide Small Construction, Statewide Contingency, Public Access, Economic Development program, was approved by the Board of Transportation during its May meeting. This bridge has been highly supported in the community, with recommendations for approval from the Town of Lake Waccamaw and the park's advisory council. Lake Waccamaw is North Carolina's largest natural lake.

"The new 300-foot section of treated timber will connect Waccamaw Shores Road to the 14-mile trail system near the dam," transportation engineer Greg Burns said. "This much-needed project will create greater connectivity for the area."

Inter-agency planning for the project is expected to begin this summer.

Improvement projects like this are underway across the state as part of Governor McCrory's 25-Year Transportation Vision to better connect North Carolinians to jobs, education, healthcare and recreation opportunities.


4/16/2018 4:30 PM