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Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the McLeansville Road Grade Separation

Greensboro - Transportation officials will celebrate the completion of the McLeansville Road Grade Separation with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Oct. 25, from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bethel Church Road T-Intersection in McLeansville.

Transportation Deputy Secretary for Transit Keith Weatherly, Rail Director Paul Worley and others will speak. The department eliminated three street-level railroad crossings by building a highway bridge to carry McLeansville Road over the North Carolina Railroad tracks. The project removes the risk of automobile and train collisions, improves safety for motorists and rail passengers and reduces automobile and train traffic congestion.

The project area had three roads that crossed over the mainline track and siding track - a low-speed track adjacent to the mainline that allows a train to pass another. Trains have had to wait in the siding for more than an hour for other trains to pass. At times, the waiting train blocked all three railroad crossings.

For more media questions contact Division 7 & 9 Communications Officer Miracle King at (336) 487-0157 or


4/16/2018 4:30 PM