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Sec. Tennyson Visits Areas Flooded by Matthew

RALEIGH - N.C. Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson traveled with Governor Pat McCrory on Monday to visit areas flooded by Hurricane Matthew.

Governor McCrory and Secretary Tennyson received updates from local officials during their tour of Lafayette Park. They also visited flooded areas on Gillespie Street in downtown Fayetteville. Later, Tennyson took an aerial tour of Greenville.

On Oct. 8, Hurricane Matthew brought more than 14 inches of rain to Fayetteville -a record for the city. The storm dumped up to 12 inches of rain in other parts of eastern North Carolina. The impact of the storm continues to be felt as many rivers, streams and creeks will reach major flood stage throughout the week, with several anticipated to exceed records.

Numerous roads remain closed, including I-95 South between Exit 56 (U.S. 301) and Exit 13 (I-74) in Cumberland and Robeson counties. Also closed: I-95 North between Exit 13 (U.S. 74) and Exit 22 (U.S. 301) in Robeson County. I-40 West is closed east of Interstate 95, between Exit 341, N.C. 55 to Exit 334, N.C. 96 between Newton Grove and Benson.

Crews from the N.C. Department of Transportation continue to monitor road conditions, and as floodwaters recede, inspect roads and bridges for damage. Repairs will commence as soon as it is safe to do so.

Motorists can check and the Travelers Information Management System on for updated road information.

If a flooded roadway is encountered, turn around and seek an alternative route. Obey the traffic signs. Turn around. Don't drown.

To avoid congestion on the provided detour route, motorists entering North Carolina from Virginia on I-95 are encouraged to use the following alternate routes:

All southbound traffic from North Carolina/Virginia state line should travel south on I-95 to US-64 West
Once on US-64 West, travel west toward I-440 West
Once on I-440 West, motorists will travel to US-1South
From US-1 South, motorists will continue to US-501 South
Once on US-501 South, travel toward I-74 East
Motorists will then travel I-74 East to I-95 South

Motorists traveling on I-95 South from US-264 may use the following alternate route:
Travel south on I-95 to I-40 West
Once on I-40 West, travel west toward Sanford/US 1 South
Motorists will then travel US 1 South to US 501 South
Once on 501 South, travel toward I-74 East
Motorists will then travel I-74 East to I-95 South

Motorists traveling southbound on I-95 from I-40 should use the following detour:
All southbound traffic will be required to exit off onto US-301 (Exit 56) and travel toward NC-162 West
Motorists will then travel NC-162 West toward US-401 South
Once on US-401 South, motorist will travel to I-74 East
Motorists will then travel I-74 East to I-95 South

Motorists traveling northbound on I-95 should use the following detour:
All northbound traffic will be required to exit onto I-74 West (Exit 13) and travel westbound towards Laurinburg
Once on I-74, motorists will then travel towards US-501 North
Once on US-501, motorists will then travel to US-1 North towards Sanford
Once on US-1, motorists will travel north to I-40 East until merging onto I-95


4/16/2018 4:30 PM