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A New Bridge On Its Way in Johnston County

Raleigh - A 47-year-old bridge on Richardson Bridge road, east of Bentonville in Johnston County, is scheduled to be replaced this year. A $959,145 contract has been awarded by N.C Department of Transportation to United Contractors of Iowa for the new bridge over Mill Creek.

The current bridge is considered functionally obsolete, meaning it was built to design standards no longer used in bridge building, such as narrow lanes. It also has weight restrictions, which limits the type of vehicles that can use it. The new bridge will not have those restraints.

The new bridge should open by mid-November. Additional planting, reforestation, and vegetation work can take place until May 2018.

This is one of 14 road, bridge and ferry contracts recently awarded by the NCDOT. They are worth $186.8 million, and went to the lowest qualified bidders as required by state law.


2/5/2018 10:03 AM

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