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Transportation Workers Showcase Skills at Safety Roadeo

Rockingham - Local employees of the N.C. Department of Transportation tested their safety awareness and skill level at the Division 8 Safety Roadeo held May 9-11 at the Rockingham Dragway.

Participants engaged in friendly competition with their co-workers to determine who can best maneuver a dump truck, tractor, backhoe, low-boy trailer or motor grader through obstacle courses which demonstrate the expertise and precision they must use each day on the job.

"Safety is always the top priority at these friendly competitions, and the event itself stresses personal safety when operating these vehicles and taking those important skills into the field," Division 8 Engineer Brandon Jones said. "Our staff enjoys getting to showcase their skills while emphasizing safety and training."

The winners are:

  • Allen Williams; Randolph County Maintenance: Dump truck
  • Garland Dunn; Moore County Maintenance: Tandem truck
  • Fred Harrelson; Randolph County Maintenance: Lowboy truck
  • James Dawkins; Richmond County Maintenance: Tractor/mower
  • Todd Logan; Randolph County Maintenance: Backhoe
  • John Beane; Montgomery County Maintenance: Motor grader

Runners-up include:

  • Allen Hancock; Richmond County Equipment: Dump truck
  • Brian Morrison; Montgomery County Maintenance: Tandem truck
  • Roy Locklear; Hoke County Maintenance: Lowboy truck
  • Herald Dowdy; Roadside Environmental Unit: Tractor/mower
  • Clint Jacobs; Scotland County Maintenance: Backhoe
  • Brandon Hussey; Moore County Maintenance: Motor grader

These winners will compete against finalists from NCDOT's 13 other highway divisions at the statewide Roadeo held in Raleigh on Aug. 3 at the N.C. State Fairgrounds.


2/19/2018 7:47 AM