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This Week at NCDOT: Severe Weather and State-to-State Licenses



RALEIGH – The following are highlights from this week at the N.C. Department of Transportation. The stories below are also featured in NCDOT Now, the department’s weekly newscast.

Severe Weather Preparedness
Now is the time of year when severe weather occurs, so it’s important to make sure your family is ready.

As part of Severe Weather Preparedness Week, remember these tips to stay safe when driving:

  • Make sure your vehicle headlights are on when using your windshield wipers. It helps other drivers see you, and it’s state law;

  • If a tornado approaches while driving, don’t seek shelter under a highway overpass. Move into a sturdy building or stay in your car, bend low and cover your head with your hands; and

  • Never try to drive through standing water. A vehicle can be swept away in just one foot of water.

Additional information on severe weather readiness is available at

DMV State-to-State Licenses
The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles is using new technology to combat identity fraud. With state-to-state verification, the NCDMV can see if applicants already hold a driver license or ID card in another state.

After a North Carolina driver license or ID card is issued, any out-of-state license or ID will be canceled. If an applicant does not want to cancel the out-of-state license or ID, they will not be issued one in North Carolina.

For more information, click here.

If you’re looking to become a safer and more confident motorcycle rider, sign up for a free rider skills day taught by professional police motorcyclists. Learn more and view upcoming classes at


3/15/2019 8:14 AM