One of the Department's goals is to provide GREAT customer service. This page includes several key performance measures and results outlined in a customer survey administered to randomly selected North Carolina residents regarding their satisfaction with transportation services.

This primary metric is defined as the percent of North Carolina residents that are satisfied with transportation services. The result is based on sample of 2,430 random, address-based respondents, regionally diverse, that participated in a customer survey administered by the Institute for Transportation Research and Education.

The purpose of a customer survey is to objectively determine the perceptions and level of satisfaction of customers of the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Assessing customer satisfaction provides NCDOT useful feedback for a variety of subject areas including identifying performance improvement areas. The survey was grouped into seven core transportation services, including motor vehicle transportation (highway), bicycle, pedestrian, transit (local bus), passenger rail, ferry, and DMV. NCSU/ITRE and the ETC Institute administered the survey on behalf of NCDOT.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Of the 2,430 random participants, 84% were satisfied with transportation services in North Carolina.


83% of participants reported that NCDOT services have improved in the last few years.

State Comparison

71% of participants reported that the North Carolina transportation system is one of the best compared to others states.

A complete copy of the 2015 Customer Service Survey Report can be found here.