Making our organization a great place to work: This page displays the Departments indices for calculating the overall employee engagement level of its employees, including an employees commitment, discretionary effort, and intention to stay at NCDOT. Employee engagement is defined as the extent to which employees commit to something or someone at NCDOT. These results are based on a department-wide employee survey received from over 7,200 employees. The 32 question survey is based on a seven point scale. Survey results were collected in December 2015.


Commitment reflects the feelings that employees have about their jobs, such as whether the work performed is of value to the organization, or the type of interaction with the supervisor, etc. Commitment also reflects the reasoning that leads employees to remain in an organization or particular job (e.g., salary, benefits, career opportunities). Commitment is a key driver of level of discretionary effort and intent to stay with the organization.

Discretionary Effort

Discretionary effort is defined as an employees willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, such as helping others with heavy workloads, volunteering for additional duties, and looking for ways to perform their jobs more effectively.

Intent to Stay

Intent to stay reflects an employees desire to stay with the organization. This is based on whether the employee frequently thinks of quitting, or if they have actively sought employment outside NCDOT in the past six months.

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