This is defined as the total number of statewide fatalities on NC roads per 100 million vehicle miles traveled for the calendar year to date. The gauge is accompanied by a trend chart of the total number of fatalities, crashes and injuries by year.

Total {{CurrentCountyView}} Crashes: {{FatalityRate[FatalityRate.length-1].Crashes}}

Total {{CurrentCountyView}} Fatalities: {{FatalityRate[FatalityRate.length-1].Fatalities}}

Total {{CurrentCountyView}} Injuries: {{FatalityRate[FatalityRate.length-1].Injuries}}

Yearly Statistics {{CurrentCountyView}}.
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Year Crashes Fatalities Injuries VMT(100MVM) Crash Rate Fatality Rate Injury Rate
{{FatalityItem.Year }} {{FatalityItem.Crashes }} {{FatalityItem.Fatalities }} {{FatalityItem.Injuries }} {{FatalityItem.VMT }} {{FatalityItem.CrashRate }} {{FatalityItem.FatalityRate }} {{FatalityItem.InjuryRate }}
1 VMT=Vehicle Miles Traveled, MVM=Million Vehicle Miles. * Total Year to Date

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