This page displays the Department’s performance of moving people and goods more efficiently. The target for these performance measures, data source and effective time period are identified below.

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Highway congestion can be categorized into either recurring congestion (such as rush hour traffic) or non-recurring congestion (such as congestion caused by accidents, weather, work zones, etc.). National studies show that over 50% of all congestion is non-recurring. Clearing accidents from roadways quickly decreases the congestion that results from a major accident.

The gauge depicts the average time in minutes it takes to clear a major accident (i.e. one that causes significant or unusual delays) from a North Carolina highway. This data is from NCDOT’s Traveler Information Management System (TIMS), which includes real time traffic information from across the state. NCDOT has established a target of 90 minutes or less to re-open the facility to traffic, which is also the national goal.

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