The Process

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From Policy to Projects

Reforms put in place in January 2009 ensure that NCDOT’s plans and projects are developed and awarded in a professional manner. Based on input from stakeholders across the state, NCDOT officials have developed a strategic plan for transportation decision-making that focuses on achieving the department’s long-term goals of safety, mobility and infrastructure health.

Known as “Policy to Projects,” this process begins with long-range goals and investment decisions and ends with a detailed work program that spells out specific projects needed to achieve these goals. This format results in a reliable and realistic work plan that is both transparent and accountable.

As detailed in the diagram below, the Policy to Projects process begins with the 30-year Statewide Long-Range Plan, also called the 2040 Plan and the 10-year Program and Resource Plan, ending with the 5-year Work Program.

NCDOT From Policy to Projects

The entire Policy to Projects document includes a more detailed explanation of both the 10 Year Program and Resource Plan and 5 Year Work Plan. It is also inclusive of the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) containing schedules for both highways and non-highway projects and the Division Managed Construction Program. Use the Table of Contents (page 4) to navigate and access information most relevant to you. Use NCDOT's project search tool to quickly find construction start dates and a location map of individual transportation projects across the state.

NCDOT released a DRAFT 10 year Work Program and STIP in October 2012. In order to incorporate new requirements of the Federal reauthorization act (MAP-21) further refinements will be made to this draft and an updated DRAFT document will be released in the fall of 2013. Please continue to refer to the Policy to Projects document and project search tool in the interim to find the schedule and project information important to you. For specific project scheduling information call the Program Development Office at 919.707.4610.

2040 Plan

The Statewide Long-Range Plan, also known as the 2040 Plan, will serve as a blueprint for transportation planning and investment over the next three decades. Because transportation projects can require years to plan, design and build, NCDOT must look ahead 25-30 years to identify the transportation needs of our state.

The 2040 Plan focuses on the policies and programs that are needed to enhance safety, improve mobility and reduce congestion for North Carolinians, as well as addresses all types (modes) of transportation for which NCDOT has responsibility: highways, aviation, ferries, rail, bicycling, walking and public transit. For more on the plan’s goals and to find out how to get involved, click here.

Unified Public Engagement Process

The Unified Public Engagement Process for public involvement and local official consultation was prepared to ensure early, proactive and sustained citizen input into NCDOT's transportation decision-making process.

The document was made available for public comment from May 11, 2011, until July 10, 2011, with special outreach efforts targeted at traditionally underserved populations. Comments were summarized and addressed by the Department, and the document was provided to the Board of Transportation on Sept. 7, 2011.

NCDOT submitted the Unified Public Engagement Process to the Federal Highway Administration on Sept. 9, 2011.

In 2016, NCDOT conducted a review of the UPEP section addressing rural local official participation in the long-range planning process and submitted the resulting revised Unified Public Engagement Plan to the FHWA on August 29, 2016.