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Strategic Prioritization

NCDOT uses a transparent, systematic, and data-driven process for prioritizing the major transportation in the state and making investment decisions. Projects are evaluated based on their merit through an analysis of the existing and future conditions, the benefits the project is expected to provide, the project’s multi-modal characteristics and how the project fits in with local priorities. Each of the Department’s six modes of transportation (highway, ferry, rail, public transportation, bicycle & pedestrian, and aviation) uses a data-driven approach for ranking projects. The outcome of the Strategic Prioritization Process serves as input to the Draft State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

For additional information on the Strategic Prioritization Process, including project data and scores, please click here.

Mobility Fund

In 2010, the Mobility Fund was created as a way to generate new dollars for transportation projects of statewide or regional significance. The creation of the fund was included in the North Carolina General Assembly’s 2010 Appropriations Act.

The General Assembly identified the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project Phase II (I-85 widening from NC 150 to I-85 Business) as the first project to be funded by the Mobility Fund. Subsequent Mobility Fund projects are to be advanced using the project criteria and selection process developed by the Department, in accordance with the Act.

For additional information on the Mobility Fund project criteria and selection process, including project data, scores and funding schedule please click here.