NCDOT strives to provide a safe and well-maintained transportation system that meets the needs of the traveling public and supports the development of sustainable, vibrant communities. The department is committed to planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and managing an interconnected transportation system while striving to preserve and enhance our natural and cultural resources.

Environmental Excellence
From working to protect North Carolina’s wetlands and waterways through the Highway Stormwater Program and the Ecosystem Enhancement Program to helping reduce waste through a comprehensive agency-wide recycling program, NCDOT oversees a wide variety of programs that promote environmental excellence.
Roadside Environmental and Litter Management
NCDOT’s Roadside Environmental Unit, which includes Litter Management, coordinates a number of programs designed to keep our highways clean and beautiful that include landscaping, anti-litter efforts and the state’s Wildflower Program.
Blue Star Memorial Marker Locations
An interactive map detailing the Blue Star Memorial Markers in North Carolina. In partnership with the The Garden Club of North Carolina.