headline text that says Sober Advice from Billy Buck

Sober Advice from Billy the Buck

  • "Driving while wrecked can wreck your life. Make the smart choice. Get a ride home."
  • "Driving after too much beer can make your license disappear. Don't drink & drive."
  • "If you're tipsy, buzzed, dizzy, wasted, hammered, plastered, or sloshed, you are NOT OK to drive."
  • "Don't drink and drive, or you'll be the deer in the headlights."
  • "Avoid a life altering deer-saster. Don't drink and drive."
  • "If you've had too many drinks, be a dear and put away the keys. Get a safe ride home."
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Billy Buck is a deer who is hear to tell you to drive sober
A deer antler with a set of keys hanging from it
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Billy the Buck has seen it all. Especially people who make questionable choices after having too much to drink. Watch the videos. Know the risks. And then do the right thing. Don't drink and drive.

Booze It & Lose It

The North Carolina Department of Transportation, with the help of Billy the Buck, encourages you to consider the dangers as well as the consequences of drinking and driving - including a loss of driving privileges, jail time, $10,000 in fines associated with a DWI, and worst of all, the potential for a lost life.

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