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Drive Smart. Do Your Part.

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To signal the start of construction season and to increase awareness for work zone safety for both the highway worker and the travelling public, Governor Pat McCrory proclaimed April 2016 as Work Zone Safety Awareness Month and designated April 11-15, 2016, as Work Zone Safety Awareness Week.

There were more than 18,000 crashes and 88 fatalities in work zones across North Carolina from 2011 to 2015. In 2015, alone, 19 people died – three workers and 16 motorists.

The N.C. Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the governor's proclamation, is promoting its "Drive Smart. Do Your Part." with the simple goal to save lives by getting drivers to slow down, stay alert and expect the unexpected in work zones.

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Previous Campaigns

Drive Smart. Do Your Part logo Drive Smart. Do Your Part
The "Drive Smart. Do Your Part." campaign emphasized the need for motorists to take responsibility for the way they drive through work zones. By reducing speeds and not being distracted while driving through work zones, drivers will significantly decrease their chances of being involved in a serious wreck.
Pay Attention or Pay the Price logo Pay Attention or Pay the Price
The "Pay Attention or Pay the Price" campaign indicated the serious consequences of driving distracted through work zones. Not paying attention in work zones could cost someone their life. That someone could be you.
Pay Attention or Pay the Price logo Speed a Little, Lose A lot
The "Speed a Little. Lose a Lot." campaign demonstrated the serious consequences of work zone violations and promoted the importance of work zone safety on both sides of the barrel.
Legislation enacted in 1999 increased the penalty for speeding through a work zone to a minimum of $250 – more than triple the usual fine for speeding. In addition to educating motorists about the risks associated with speeding through work zones, the campaign helped motorists understand how, when and where these crashes occur to help prevent them.