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Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Projects Under Development
  • County: Henderson
  • Type of Project: New location/parkway
  • STIP Number: R-5744
  • Estimated Cost: $157.8 million
  • Property Acquisition Start: 2022
  • Construction Start Date: 2024
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Balfour Parkway

Project Overview and Purpose

Planning is on hold for the Balfour Parkway – a proposed 4.6-mile four-lane median-divided roadway from N.C. 191 (Haywood Road) to U.S. 64, north of Hendersonville – the Henderson County Board of Commissioners on May 7, 2018, adopted a resolution asking the N.C. Department of Transportation to abandon the project. Learn more

Purpose of the Project

The primary purpose of the proposed project is to improve east-west vehicular mobility in Henderson County by providing a connection (with limited control of access) between N.C. 191 and U.S. 64.

Please note: "Limited control of access" (noted above) is defined in the second bullet of the Screening Criteria (below).

Screening Criteria

The following performance measures explain how alternatives that meet the purpose will be evaluated. Alternatives considered for the project must:

  • Provide an interchange along I-26 with the new roadway that maintains a minimum 1-mile distance from any interchange along I-26
  • Only provide access at intersections and interchanges along the proposed roadway with existing streets (i.e. there would be no individual driveways)
  • Achieve a minimum level of service D (for intersections overall and the mainline during peak hour, design year conditions) for the proposed roadway

Additional Project Benefits

Additional benefits of a proposed connection between N.C. 191 and U.S. 64 include reduced travel time and a potential reduction in the volume of heavy trucks traveling through downtown Hendersonville.

Project Highlights

The N.C. Department of Transportation has put the planning process for the proposed Balfour Parkway on hold after the Henderson County Board of Commissioners voted May 7, 2018, to adopt a resolution asking NCDOT to abandon the project.

On May 24, 2018, the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization voted 10-4 to withdraw its support from the project. The vote initiated the process to remove the project from the State Transportation Improvement Program.

Anticipated Next Steps

  • Beginning June 6, 2018, the French Broad River Metropolitan Organization will hold a public comment period about removing the Balfour Parkway from its Transportation Improvement Program. (Information will be posted at
  • The French Broad River Metropolitan Organization will vote on the amendment June 28, 2018.
  • Upon approval, NCDOT would amend the State Transportation Improvement Program by removing Balfour Parkway.
  • The N.C. Board of Transportation would vote on the amendment in late summer 2018.

Project Funding

The State Transportation Improvement Program, which is the N.C. Department of Transportation's 10-year plan that identifies what projects the state will fund, identifies the project in three sections:

  • Section A: N.C. 191 to U.S. 25 Business (currently unfunded)
  • Section B: U.S. 25 Business to I-26 (funded)
  • Section C: I-26 to U.S. 64 (currently unfunded)

The State Transportation Improvement Program currently includes funding for Section B. Sections A and C are scheduled for funding after 2027.

Project History

Study Area Updated

In July 2017, the N.C. Department of Transportation updated the project study area – the land where the proposed roadway might be built – by eliminating potential roadway options through downtown Hendersonville. The study area allows room to consider new-location route options that link N.C. 191 to U.S. 64 north of Hendersonville and is consistent with the project limits noted in the area's comprehensive transportation plan.

Environmental Planning

Although the proposed Balfour Parkway is state-funded, the potential addition of an interchange with I-26 would involve approval by the Federal Highway Administration. The proposed project is following a process outlined by the National Environmental Policy Act, a law that requires NCDOT to study the environmental effects of the proposed project and document. Once all studies are complete, NCDOT will release an environmental document – called an Environmental Assessment – that details the findings. The project study area – is outlined in red on the vicinity map.

Preliminary Alternatives Map

The preliminary alternatives map shows the potential location of where the road could be built. The preliminary designs use a 1,000-foot wide corridor and potential designs are expected to require approximately 250 feet. The large corridors allow room to refine each design concept to further avoid or minimize potential impacts within the corridor.

The preliminary alternatives were on display for the public to view at a public meeting on Feb. 27, 2018.

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Balfour Parkway is included in the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, which recommends construction of a "new four-lane expressway from N.C. 191, north of Stony Mountain Road, to U.S. 64, north of Nix Road, in Hendersonville." The plan's recommended time frame for construction is 2026-2030.

Balfour Parkway has been included in long range transportation plans since 2005, including the area's 2008 comprehensive transportation plan.

NCDOT Feasibility Study

In September 2014, NCDOT completed a feasibility study (FS-1214B) that examined construction of the proposed Balfour Parkway.

The feasibility study found that the four-lane divided roadway would be able to accommodate traffic volumes projected for 2035. It also identified resources that would need to be considered in the planning and design process.

Please note: A feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed project and is intended to determine if a proposal is economically justified, if it is acceptable on an environmental or social perspective or if eventual construction and operation can be financed and managed.

The designs and alignments prepared during the feasibility study are conceptual in nature and are subject to change during the planning and design phase as additional information and public comments are factored in.

Project Timeline

Milestone Dates*
Project planning process begins October 2016
Environmental Assessment completed 2020
Final environmental decision document approved 2021
Right of way acquisition begins for U.S. 25 Business to I-26 2022
Construction begins for U.S. 25 Business to I-26 2024

* Future dates are preliminary and subject to change

Project Documents

February 2018 Public Meeting Materials


Contact Information

Kristina Miller, P.E.
Consultant Project Manager
(919) 653-7384
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Joshua Deyton, P.E.
Division 14
Project Team Lead
(828) 586-2141
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Resources for Local Property Owners

Although the N.C. Department of Transportation works to minimize the number of homes and businesses displaced by a road project, it is inevitable, in many cases, that a certain amount of private property is needed. The following information explains right of way acquisition and answers questions about the process.