Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Projects Under Development
  • County: Transylvania
  • Type of Project: Regional Mobility
  • STIP Numbers: U-5104
  • Estimated Cost: $2 million ROW, $2 million construction (2011 estimate)
  • Project Acquisition Start: March 2015
Caldwell Street Widening Project Billboard Graphics


NCDOT is widening South Caldwell Street between West Jordan Street and Rosman Highway in Brevard from the existing two lanes to three lanes, and replacing drainage structures and sidewalk on Caldwell Street between Probart Street and West Jordan Street.

The primary purpose of the proposed project is to provide two lanes of westbound movement for U.S. 64 to mirror the two lanes of eastbound movement provided by Broad Street.

News and Updates

Plans are being updated to include adequate stormwater devices. Existing drainage pipes and stormwater boxes will need to be replaced to control street flooding. The construction cost estimate will be recalculated after the plans are updated.

  • Right-of-way negotiations with property owners have begun

Project Overview and Purpose

The Caldwell Street Widening Project is a final phase in an overall traffic project called the �unbalanced couplet�. Improvements to Caldwell Street were identified in the 1998 Brevard Thoroughfare Plan when NCDOT conducted traffic studies in the community and identified several issues along Broad and Caldwell Streets, specifically congestion, a high number of accidents and narrow pavement widths.

This study was followed by the Focus 20/20 document, the 2002 Brevard Transportation Plan, the 2005 City of Brevard Comprehensive Transportation Plan, and the 2007 Transylvania County Transportation Plan, all of which identified the need for improvements on these streets and recommended the unbalanced couplet. The unbalanced couplet was designed to create two southbound lanes and one northbound lane on Caldwell, with the reverse on Broad Street.

The unbalanced couplet concept was developed and designed by the consultant team of Wilbur Smith & Associates, authors of the 2002 Brevard Transportation Plan, in response to the NCDOT�s suggestion to make Broad and Caldwell streets into a pair of one-way streets to serve the current and future needs of traffic volume on U.S. 64. The value of two-way streets has been identified as critical to the economic vitality of downtown business environments, and the city was not receptive to the idea of these major highways becoming one-way streets. The unbalanced couplet allows NCDOT to provide progressive traffic signal one-way flow both eastbound (Broad Street) and westbound (Caldwell Street), while providing for one contra-flow travel lane to preserve critical access to downtown businesses.

Project Highlights

Late 1990s: The first stage of the widening of Caldwell Street to three lanes was completed using Small Urban funds through NCDOT. This stage included right-of-way acquisition and the widening of North Caldwell Street from Probart Street north to the intersection with Broad Street.

2003: NCDOT accepted the city consultant�s proposal of the unbalanced couplet.

2005-2006: NCDOT completed construction of the closed loop signal project and repaved and striped Broad Street. This paving and striping followed the concept of the unbalanced couplet, and the extremely narrow travel lanes that previously existed became a standard, safer width, although a through westbound travel lane on Broad Street was lost. The city requested at that time that the rest of the project, which is now known as U-5104, be put on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Projects list in order to gain funding.

2009: NCDOT held scoping meetings and a public hearing which were widely attended by property owners.

Contact Information

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Roadway Design Engineer

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