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NCDOT Experiencing Funding Crisis Due to COVID-19

​The N.C. Department of Transportation relies on its funding from the Motor Fuels Tax, Highway Use Tax and DMV fees. As North Carolinians have worked to stop the spread of COVID-19, traffic volumes have decreased significantly, and are greatly impacting the revenue streams that pay for our transportation system.

NCDOT is projecting a $300 million budget shortfall this fiscal year, which ends June 30, and significant financial impacts in the next fiscal year as well. 

NCDOT is taking steps, including delaying some projects, to decrease expenditures. Construction projects already awarded or underway will not be affected by the changes. Also, projects that are funded by GARVEE bonds, BUILD NC bonds and federal grants are continuing to move forward.​ 

The list of projects that are delayed can be found here.  

4/27/2020 9:50 AM