This project is no longer active, and this page is no longer being updated.
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Project Map
Project Map

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Project Fast Facts
  • County: Cabarrus
  • Type of Project: Road Widening
  • STIP Number: U-3415
  • Cost: $34.8 million
 Poplar Tent Road Widening Project

NOTE: Based on the results of NCDOT�s funding formula, this project was not funded in the 2016-2025 State Transportation Improvement Plan, and studies have concluded for the time being. If the project is funded at a later date, updates will be posted to this page.


The Poplar Tent Road widening project consists of two segments � segment A, from Gable Oaks Lane/Woodhaven Place to George Liles Parkway, and segment B, from George Liles Parkway to Concord Parkway (U.S. 29-601 Bypass). Click the link below to view the project location map.

This project is not currently funded in the 2016-2025 State Transportation Improvement Plan.

News and Updates

In 2010, by executive order, the governor established that funding for all transportation projects would be based on data-driven scoring and local input.

Current ranking formulas analyze existing and future conditions, benefits a project is expected to provide, a project�s multi-modal characteristics and how a project fits in with local priorities.

Based on the results of the 2014 ranking cycle, the proposed Poplar Tent Road widening is not funded at this time, and studies are concluded for the time being.

Project Overview and Purpose

Poplar Tent Road is a two-lane undivided road that connects I-85 and Concord Regional Airport with the Town of Concord. Due to the expected continual growth and development in the area, Poplar Tent Road, as it is now, will not be able to accommodate anticipated traffic volumes in the design year for the project, 2040. Widening the road would improve traffic flow and safety along Poplar Tent Road.

Two alternatives under consideration would improve Poplar Tent Road to provide a Synchronized Street (superstreet) corridor. The proposed roadway would be four lanes (two in each direction) with curb and gutter, a raised median 23 to 30 feet in width, turn lanes (as needed) and pedestrian and bicycle accommodations. Left turns from Poplar Tent Road to most side streets would be provided at directional crossovers. Left turn and through movements from most side streets would be redirected for safe and efficient traffic operations to U-turn points located a short distance downstream.

Project History

February 1996 - NCDOT prepared a feasibility study for the improvement of Poplar Tent Road from Derita Road (SR 1445) to Concord Parkway (U.S. 29-601 Bypass).

April 15, 2004 - NCDOT held the first citizens� informational workshop. During this early stage of the project development process, the limits of the project were from Derita Road/Odell School Road on the west end to Concord Parkway (U.S. 29-601 Bypass) on the east end (6.1 miles). At that time, the only alternative being considered was widening existing Poplar Tent Road. Handouts from that workshop are available below.

December 12, 2006 - An interagency team made up of representatives of local, state and federal governmental agencies met and reached agreement on the project�s purpose � to improve existing access to Concord Regional Airport, reduce traffic congestion and improve safety and various intersections along Poplar Tent Road.

April 2008 -Field surveys found that the project was expected to have only minimal impacts to streams and wetlands. Therefore, the interagency team agreed it no longer needed to meet to review this project. At the same time, project studies were suspended due to funding limitations.

December 2011 -The project was funded in the State Transportation Improvement Program at that time for right-of-way acquisition for Segment A beginning in 2018 (with construction for Segment A beginning in 2020), and right-of-away acquisition for Segment B beginning in 2023. The project limits were revised to show the project beginning at Gable Oaks Lane/Woodhaven Place rather than Derita Road/Odell School Road, which shortened the project by 1.7 miles (the new project length is 4.4 miles).

June 2012 -A citizens� informational workshop was held June 18, 2012, to provide an update on the Poplar Tent Road widening project to the local communities. Large maps showing the alternatives being studied were displayed, and the NCDOT project team was available to answer questions and provide more information. During the workshop, a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation was shown. Meeting materials are available below.

The June 2012 newsletter announced the public workshop and provided an update on the project. The proposed typical section was updated after the newsletter was published and is available in the Workshop Handout above.

Contact Information

Wilson Stroud
Project Development Engineer

  • (919) 707-6045
  • Send message
  • 1548 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-1548

Scott Allen
Division Construction Engineer

  • (704) 983-4400
  • Send message
  • 716 West Main Street,
    Albemarle, NC 28001

Resources for Local Property Owners

In many cases, it is inevitable that a certain amount of private property must be acquired. The displacement of homes and businesses is minimized to the extent practicable. The following brochures will answer questions about this process.