Project Fast Facts
  • County: Cabarrus
  • Type of Project:
    Grade Separation and Highway Improvements
  • STIP Number: P-5208D
  • Estimated Construction Cost:
    $8.8 million
  • Project Team: Blythe Development
  • Start Date:
    May 2013
  • Completion of Construction:
    August 2016
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Project Overview and Purpose

Work by the N.C. Department of Transportation involved building a highway bridge carrying a new extension of Roberta Road (Harrisburg Veterans Road) over the North Carolina Railroad tracks in Harrisburg to reduce the risk of vehicle-train collisions, improve safety and reduce traffic congestion.

The project is part of the Piedmont Improvement Program – a series of improvements to the railroad corridor between Raleigh and Charlotte to increase railroad capacity, efficiency and safety. It is also included in NCDOT's Sealed Corridor Program – a partnership with Norfolk Southern – which aims to "seal" the rail corridor between Raleigh and Charlotte by eliminating or improving street-level crossings.

Roberta Road is part of the railroad corridor from Harrisburg to Charlotte – one of the busiest sections of railroad in North Carolina – and is one of four Piedmont Improvement Program projects completed in Harrisburg to improve safety and mobility. Together, these projects have allowed for the closure of six street-level crossings in Harrisburg.

Project Highlights

Work, which began in May 2013 and was completed in August 2016, involved extending Roberta Road from N.C. 49 to Stallings Road with a bridge that carries it over the tracks.

Work also involved:

  • Closing the railroad crossings at Hickory Ridge and Robinson Church roads
  • Providing roadway improvements to Stallings Road, School Circle, N.C. 49 and Hickory Ridge Road
  • Realigning approximately 3,000 feet of the railroad tracks to the north
  • Installing a new traffic signal at Harrisburg Veterans and Stallings roads

Contact Information

E. Nat Hunter, PE
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(704) 845-1151
12033 E. Independence Blvd.
Matthews, NC 28105

Resources for Local Property Owners

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