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U.S. 70 Improvements in James City
Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Projects Under Development
  • County: Craven
  • Type of Project: Highway Improvements
  • STIP Number: U-5713
  • Estimated Cost: $66 million
  • Property Acquisition Start: 2021
  • Start Date: 2021
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The North Carolina Department of Transportation is working on several projects to improve the U.S. 70 Corridor, one of the primary east-west corridors across eastern North Carolina. U.S. 70 provides an important connection between the Morehead City area, Havelock, Kinston, Goldsboro and Raleigh. NCDOT has also identified it as one of three corridors that should be improved to assist economic development in the primarily rural areas of eastern North Carolina.

This project involves 2.5 miles of U.S. 70 in James City, between Garner Road (S.R. 1121 ) and the Neuse River Bridge. The project is intended to improve traffic flow and access to local community services, as well as enhance economic development in the James City area of Craven County.

News and Updates

November 2015: After the initial phase of public outreach, the project team will spend the next four to six months developing the "concept-level" design alternatives for the U.S. 70 Corridor through James City.

The team will begin its design process by reviewing all of the comments, recommendations and suggestions received during the initial phase of public outreach to gain a clear understanding of the existing traffic, safety and operational issues before moving into the design development phase of its work.

While the design process is taking place, the project team will continue the public outreach effort by sending a newsletter update to area residents and businesses to keep them informed of the project's progress. In addition, the project team plans to "drop-in" on several community events so that the public has an opportunity to ask questions, provide additional comments or just listen to the updates.

When the design alternatives are ready (early Summer 2016), the project team will return to the James City community to hold another series of public meetings to present the design ideas and gather additional comments and feedback.

October 2015: Corridor-wide public meetings took place Oct. 13-15. Project team members met with residents and business owners from James City and the surrounding area to hear feedback and to answer questions related to the proposed improvements.

Attendance at each meeting ranged from approximately 60 to 120 people and included a good mix of residents, business owners and commuters from the surrounding areas who use this section of the U.S. 70 Corridor on a daily basis.

While no designs have been developed at this point in the process, those who attended the meetings were invited to share their thoughts and ideas related to the project. The comments received during these meetings will be used by the project design team as it begins work on the "concept-level" designs.

Information presented during these meetings can be found here and here.

September 2015: Focus groups were held Sept. 14-17 to discuss U.S. 70 in James City. The project team is compiling all of the feedback gathered during the meetings and plans to present the information at corridor-wide meetings in October.

July/August 2015: Continued community outreach with another series of small, one-on-one meetings and small focus group meetings to continue listening to, and gathering local citizen and business community input.

June 2015: Initial community outreach began with one-on-one and small focus group meetings to obtain input from local citizens and the business community to help with the development of the project design.

May 2015: Field visits were conducted to obtain community data about the surrounding area.

April 2015: Start of Study letters were mailed to local officials, city and county planners and members of the U.S. 70 Corridor Commission to inform them about the project and request input.

Project Overview and Purpose

NCDOT is working to develop and refine a DRAFT Project Purpose and Need based on ongoing community and stakeholder input. The initial goals of NCDOT, along with its federal and state partners, are to:

  • Add additional capacity and access management improvements. U.S. 70 is a major route to and from the port at Morehead City and the military bases in Havelock and Goldsboro.
  • Provide a localized and regional benefit, both in traffic operations, as well as economic development and community cohesion.
  • Address local community concerns related to connectivity, access to local community services, and modal choices and accessibility (i.e., walking, biking, bus, car, etc.)

The project is in the early stages of the planning and development process, and will follow a phased approach for both the public outreach and the development of the preliminary designs:

Phased Approach

NCDOT is currently undertaking multiple activities to improve passenger and freight movement along the U.S. 70 Corridor from Raleigh to the state port at Morehead City. Visit the U.S. 70 Corridor page for more information.

Project Highlights

Community Outreach

The objective of the community outreach program is to solicit input through an open, dynamic process that includes as many residents, business owners, property owners, local agencies, community groups and other stakeholders within the project study area as possible. This process is structured to involve people early and often, and to share information as it becomes available. A variety of techniques will be used to ensure meaningful involvement from the community.

Get Involved, Stay Informed

Public participation and feedback is integral to the project development process. By sharing your ideas and concerns, you can help us identify appropriate transportation solutions in your community.

In an effort to facilitate and encourage public participation on this project, NCDOT offers mySidewalk, an online engagement tool for the community to share its thoughts.

The public can also submit its feedback by using this comment form and mailing it to:

U.S. 70 Improvements in James City
Neighborhood Solutions
800 N. Cameron Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Contact Information

Charles R. Cox, P.E.
Project Development Engineer
(919) 707-6016
Send a message
1548 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1548

John Rouse, P.E.
Division 2 Engineer
(252) 439-2800
Send a message
P.O. Box 1587
Greenville, NC 27835

James A. Speer, P.E
Roadway Design Project Engineer
(919) 707-6320
Send a message
1582 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1582

Jamille Robbins
Public Involvement
(919) 707-6085
Send a message
1598 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1598

Resources for Local Property Owners

In many cases, it is inevitable that a certain amount of private property must be acquired. The displacement of homes and businesses is minimized to the extent practicable. The following brochures will answer questions about this process.