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Balfour Parkway

Planning is on hold for the Balfour Parkway – a proposed 4.6-mile four-lane median-divided roadway from N.C. 191 (Haywood Road) to U.S. 64, north of Hendersonville – the Henderson County Board of Commissioners on May 7, 2018, adopted a resolution asking the N.C. Department of Transportation to abandon the project. Learn more

Purpose of the Project

The primary purpose of the proposed project is to improve east-west vehicular mobility in Henderson County by providing a connection (with limited control of access) between N.C. 191 and U.S. 64.

Please note: "Limited control of access" (noted above) is defined in the second bullet of the Screening Criteria (below).

Screening Criteria

The following performance measures explain how alternatives that meet the purpose will be evaluated.  Alternatives considered for the project must:

  • Provide an interchange along I-26 with the new roadway that maintains a minimum 1-mile distance from any interchange along I-26

  • Only provide access at intersections and interchanges along the proposed roadway with existing streets (i.e. there would be no individual driveways)

  • Achieve a minimum level of service D (for intersections overall and the mainline during peak hour, design year conditions) for the proposed roadway

Additional Project Benefits 

Additional benefits of a proposed connection between N.C. 191 and U.S. 64 include reduced travel time and a potential reduction in the volume of heavy trucks traveling through downtown Hendersonville.

Project Funding

This project is listed as Project R-5744 in the N.C. Department of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program and is funded for $157.8 million.


Joshua Deyton. P.E.

Project Team Lead
Division 14

253 Webster Road
Sylva, NC 28779

Kristina Miller, P.E.

Consultant Project Manager

900 Ridgefield Drive, Suite 350
Raleigh, NC 27609

7/10/2018 10:17 AM

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