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Project History

Late 1990s: Improvements to Caldwell Street were identified in the 1998 Brevard Thoroughfare Plan when the N.C. Department of Transportation conducted traffic studies in the community and identified several issues along Broad and Caldwell streets – specifically congestion, a high number of accidents and narrow pavement widths.

The first stage of the widening of Caldwell Street to three lanes was completed using Small Urban funds through NCDOT. This stage included right-of-way acquisition and the widening of North Caldwell Street from Probart Street north to the intersection with Broad Street.

2003: NCDOT accepted the city consultant's proposal of the unbalanced couplet concept.

2005-2006: NCDOT completed construction of the closed loop signal project and repaved and striped Broad Street. This paving and striping followed the concept of the unbalanced couplet, and the extremely narrow travel lanes that previously existed became a standard, safer width, although a through westbound travel lane on Broad Street was lost. The city requested at that time that the rest of the project, which is now known as U-5104, be put on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Projects list in order to gain funding.

2009: NCDOT held scoping meetings and a public hearing which were widely attended by property owners.

March 2015: Right-of-way negotiations with property owners started.

January 2017: Construction begins.

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