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Project Highlights

As the result of the project's planning process, the N.C. Department of Transportation has identified a final design for each bridge being replaced.

NCDOT, in coordination with the city of Raleigh, held a public meeting Aug. 18, 2016, to introduce the contractor, Morrisville-based Zachry Construction, as well as to present the final design of the project and provide more detailed information about what to expect during construction.

Construction began in September 2016 and is scheduled to take about three years.

Capital Boulevard and Peace Street Interchange

The diamond-style interchange currently at Capital Boulevard and Peace Street will be replaced with what's called a "square loop" interchange – Alternative P5 – that will use Johnson Street and Harrington Street (which will be extended to Peace Street) in the southwest quadrant. A new diamond-style ramp will be added in the southeast quadrant and another diamond-style ramp will replace the ramp in the northeast quadrant.

Bike lanes will be added to Peace Street between the interchange ramp termini, and sidewalks will be widened to 14 feet along Peace Street and most of the square loop.

Capital Boulevard and Wade Avenue Interchange

The "trumpet-style" interchange – Alternative W-Base – at Capital Boulevard and Wade Avenue will be replaced with a new trumpet-style interchange. The new ramps are next to the existing ramps so that traffic can continue to use the interchange during most of construction.

Sidewalks will be added on both sides of Wade Avenue. A new greenway will extend from West Street under the Wade Avenue bridge to the off-ramp from Capital Boulevard to Wade Avenue.

A new 10-foot planted median will be added along Capital Boulevard between Peace Street and Wade Avenue.

7/10/2018 10:17 AM