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Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Projects Under Construction
  • County: Guilford
  • Type of Project: Interstate Construction on New Location, Taxiway Bridge Construction
  • STIP Number: I-5110 / R-2413AB
  • Completion of Construction:
    April 25, 2017
  • Construction Cost: $176,550,000
  • Project Team: Flatiron Constructors, Inc. / Blythe Development Company – A Joint Venture / RK & K, LLP
I-5110 / R-2413A & B (Future I-73)

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Overview and Purpose

A new 9.4-mile, four-lane future interstate will begin at the existing Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard / Airport Parkway interchange, cross over N.C. 68, and end south of US 2201 near the Haw River. At the northern end, the project will connect with Project R-2413C that is currently under construction.

The Future I-73 Project consists of two projects that will be designed and built under one Design-Build contract. The projects are:

R-2413A & B – U.S. 220/N.C. 68 Connector (Future I-73)

  • This project, was combined with I-5110 to speed up the construction of the taxiway bridge over I-73.
  • The Connector will be signed I-73 when complete.
  • The Connector will include interchanges at NC 68 and NC 150, as well as bridges over Reedy Fork Creek.
  • This project is state-funded.
  • In the planning stages since the mid 1990’s, this project is Rockingham County’s top priority transportation improvement project. It is among the top priority projects for Guilford County as well.
  • The project was originally scheduled to begin construction in 2016, but NCDOT worked with Greensboro’s Metropolitan Planning Organization and local and state elected officials to speed construction of the taxiway and a section of the connector.

I-5110 - Future I-73 and Taxiway Bridge

  • This project will run from the existing Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard/Airport Parkway interchange near PTIA to N.C. 68.
  • The project will be signed I-73 when complete
  • The project will include construction of a taxiway bridge at PTIA that crosses the future I-73. The taxiway bridge will spur development by providing runway access to approximately 400 acres of developable PTIA-owned land on the north side of the future I-73.
  • The I-73 section of this project is federally funded. The funding for the taxiway bridge came from the N.C. Mobility Fund, which was established to expedite transportation projects that meet statewide or regional needs. The Mobility Funds come from unused gap funds and reductions in the amount of money transferred from the Highway Trust Fund to the General Fund.
  • Grading activities have begun at the taxiway bridge location. Construction on the taxiway bridge is expected to begin in November 2014 and is scheduled to be completed by August 2016.

Design-Build Contract Highlights

In April, the NCDOT awarded a $176,550,000 contract to the Design-Build Team of Flatiron Constructors, Inc./Blythe Development Company – A Joint Venture/RK&K, LLP. Construction is scheduled to get underway in July, with the Design-Build Team’s Final Completion Date set for April 25, 2017.

To reduce the overall construction cost and deliver the project more quickly, the Flatiron/Blythe Development/RK&K Design-Build Team will:

  • Accelerate construction of the project
    NCDOT required the Design-Build Team to complete the taxiway bridge by December 2016 and the entire future I-73 corridor by November 2017. Under this contract, the Design-Build Team will complete the taxiway bridge in August 2016, four months earlier than required. The future I-73 construction, including both individual projects noted above, is scheduled to be completed in April 2017, nearly seven months earlier than required.
  • Eliminate construction of temporary connector road
    The Design-Build Team’s accelerated construction schedule eliminated the need to provide a temporary operational I-73 roadway connection between Bryan Boulevard and North Regional Road, reducing construction costs and impacts to the traveling public.
  • Eliminate need for retaining wall in proximity to NC 68
    By shifting the horizontal alignment of the flyover ramp at the N.C. 68 interchange to the west, the Design-Build Team eliminated the need to construct a 915-foot long, 25-foot high retaining wall. In addition to reducing construction costs, construction time and future maintenance, this elimination will also reduce impacts to the environment.
  • Provide additional wetland mitigation sites
    Two additional wetland mitigation sites will provide approximately 1.5 acres of additional non-riparian wetland restoration to offset a portion of the project’s impacts to the environment.
  • Extend the term of the project guarantee
    NCDOT required a one-year guarantee on the construction work done for this project. The Design-Build Team added nine years to that guarantee, agreeing to stand by its work for a total of 10 years.

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Resident Engineer

  • Phone: (336) 375-1774
  • Email: Contact Us
  • Address: 4259 Camp Burton Rd. McLeansville, NC 27301

Resources for Local Property Owners

In many cases, it is inevitable that a certain amount of private property must be acquired. The displacement of homes and businesses is minimized to the extent practicable. The following brochures will answer questions about this process.