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Express Lanes: The Power to Choose

​Express lanes are the key to improving mobility along the I-77 corridor. They offer drivers a choice: Pay a toll and use the express lanes to avoid travel delays or continue driving on the general-purpose lanes for free.

The power is entirely in the hands of motorists. They can individually determine how valuable their time is and decide if the time savings is worth the cost of taking the express lanes.

Drivers who choose not to use the express lanes will also see a benefit. As other motorists opt to take the express lanes, congestion in the general-purpose lanes will lessen, making the commute more efficient.

Motorcyclists, buses and carpoolers with three or more occupants (including the driver) may use the express lanes for free.

North Carolina isn’t the only state investing in express lanes as a way to alleviate traffic backups. California, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Florida and Georgia are among those successfully using them in urban areas to make travel more efficient for all drivers.


9/16/2020 11:24 AM