Project Map
Project Map

Project Map

Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Projects Under Development
  • County: Forsyth, Guilford
  • Type of Project: Roadway improvements and extension
  • STIP Number: U-2800, U-4734
  • Cost: $40.4 million (U-2800); estimated $19 million, currently unfunded (U-4734)
  • Property Acquisition Start: 2012 (U-2800); Late 2016, early 2017 (U-4374)
  • Start Date: June 2013 (U-2800); Mid-2018 (U-4734)
  • Completion Date: November 2015 (U-2800)
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Project Overview and Purpose

Planning is underway on a proposed project that involves widening and extending Macy Grove Road – from Industrial Park Drive to N.C. 150 (North Main Street) near Kernersville – as well as improvements to portions of I-40 Business in Guilford County.

Work would also include building an interchange at Macy Grove Road and I-40 Business.

The improvements would provide a link between I-40 Business and N.C. 150 north of Kernersville. They would also reduce congestion at the N.C. 66/150 interchange in downtown Kernersville.

Other benefits of the project, include:

  • Access to a large planned industrial and commercial area around the existing Macy Grove Road bridged crossing of I-40 Business
  • Providing a segment of the future Kernersville Loop Road, which is included in the Town of Kernersville Thoroughfare and Street Plan and the 2035 Winston-Salem Urban Area Long Range Transportation Plan

Project Highlights

For funding purposes, the project is made up of two individual projects:

  • Project U-2800, which involves building an interchange at Macy Grove Road and I-40 Business
  • Project U-4734, which involves extending Macy Grove

Interchange at Macy Grove Road and I-40 Business (U-2800)

Work, which started in June 2013 and was completed in November 2015, involved widening Macy Grove Road from near Industrial Park Drive to Old Greensboro Road and extending Macy Grove Road from Old Greensboro Road to north of Old U.S. 421/East Mountain Street.

This part of the project also includes an interchange where Macy Grove Road crosses I-40 Business and bridge crossings over the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks and Old U.S. 421/East Mountain Street.

Macy Grove Road Extension (U-4734)

Work involves extending Macy Grove Road from north of Old U.S. 421/East Mountain Street to N.C. 150.

Right-of-way acquisition is expected to start in December 2016 and the contract is expected to be awarded in June 2018.

Project Timeline

Milestone Date*
Environmental Assessment completed September 2010
Finding of No Significant Impact completed June 2011
Property Acquisition Start 2012 (U-2800);
Late 2016 or early 2017 (U-4374)
Start Date June 2013 (U-2800);
Mid-2018 (U-4734)
Completion Date November 2015 (U-2800)

* Future dates are preliminary and subject to change

Project Documents

Contact Information

Brett Abernathy, P.E.
Project Manager
(336) 747-7800
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Project Hotline: (English & Spanish): 1-800-233-6315

Resources for Local Property Owners

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