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Moore County Transportation Plan


The Moore County Comprehensive Transportation Plan is a long-range, multimodal vision covering all aspects of the county's transportation needs through 2040.

Created cooperatively between the N.C. Department of Transportation, Moore County and local and regional planning agencies, the transportation plan emphasizes the local land development plan as well as statewide goals – including public safety and mobility – and local priorities, such as economic development, improving existing corridors and preserving natural areas.

Early stages of this process identified five focus areas:

  • U.S. 1
  • West End
  • Western Connector (N.C. 5)
  • N.C. 24/27 in Carthage
  • N.C. 24/27 in Cameron

The Moore County Transportation Committee will use the concepts, as well as public feedback, to make final recommendations about the area's transportation infrastructure. The final recommendations will need to be locally approved, funded, and evaluated under a federal process to determine the final design details and location.

Draft Comprehensive Transportation Plan

On Nov. 15, 2017, the Moore County Transportation Committee finalized a draft list of proposals that will be presented to the public in seven countywide meetings in early 2018.

Western Connector Focus Area

Projections indicate that congestion on N.C. 5 and other roads near Pinehurst will increase by 2040. N.C. 5 is difficult to widen due to physical constraints, cultural and social impacts to the historic areas of the Village of Pinehurst and railroad right-of-way.

The Moore County Transportation Committee is working to reach a consensus on addressing congestion while balancing the needs of citizens, wildlife and the environment.

After receiving input from the public in 2015, the transportation committee formed a subcommittee to oversee work to address congestion. The subcommittee developed and considered seven scenarios:

Scenario 1, the "no-build" option, does not address the congestion of the area. The Moore County Transportation Committee on March 22, 2017, chose a revised version of Scenario 7.

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