This project is no longer active, and this page is no longer being updated.
Please contact NCDOT for more information.
Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Archive
  • County: Moore
  • Type of Project: Widening
  • STIP Number: R-2812
  • Estimated Cost: $31,000,000
  • Property Acquisition Start: Letting 2/1/2012
Future NC 211 Road Widening Project Logo


N.C. 211 from N.C. 73 in West End to the Traffic Circle in Pinehurst. The project includes widening to a multi-lane highway with curbs and gutters, and sidewalks, as well as installing signals and signs.

News and Updates

The US Army Corps of Engineers, in cooperation with the NCDOT, is currently going through their jurisdictional process to verify the streams and wetlands within the project area. (Please refer to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Website for more information about the jurisdictional process.) Some property owners may have received a letter to this affect. Maps showing where these streams and wetlands are in relation to property boundaries have been attached below under Resources for Local Property Owners. These will enable the viewer to know whether streams or wetlands are on their property. Please note, that streams and wetlands were only identified near the project and not on the entire property.

Project Overview and Purpose

Improve the level of safety along N.C. 211 by increasing the traffic carrying capacity of the existing facility to handle anticipated development in the project corridor.

Contact Information
(when calling, please reference STIP number R-2812)

  • Wetlands and streams maps, please call the NCDOT Natural Environment Unit at (919) 431-6710.
  • Jurisdictional appeals process, please call the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at (910) 251-4633.
  • General project questions, please call the NCDOT office in Aberdeen at (910) 944-2344.

Resources for Local Property Owners