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Project Highlights

Work involves building a high-level, fixed-span bridge – that will be approximately 1,100 feet south of the existing bridge – beginning on the mainland side, just west of Atkinson Point Road, and ending on the island side at Topsail Drive (N.C. 50).

The project also includes an island tie-in – a three-legged roundabout on Topsail Island – that will be located approximately 300 feet south of Roland Avenue.

The recommended bridge typical section includes:

  • A 10-foot multi-use path on the north side of the bridge, separated from the travel lanes by a concrete barrier
  • A 7.5-foot bicycle lane/shoulder in each direction
  • A 12-foot travel lane in each direction
  • A 39-foot roadway width carrying the bicycle and travel lanes, which allows for an alternate evacuation configuration for emergencies or hurricanes – two lanes off of the island, one lane onto the island

Alternative 17 skirts the southern boundary of Soundside Park  and will not have a negative impact on the park.

Other reasons that NCDOT identified the option as the Preferred Alternative is because it:

  • Results in the least number of residential and business relocations
  • Replaces the existing swing bridge with a 65-foot high-level fixed bridge, eliminating vehicular/vessel delays from bridge openings/closings
  • Has no impacts to ponds or streams and minimal wetland impacts
  • Was the most preferred from citizen comments
  • Maintains a connection to the existing central business district
  • Has the lowest total cost ($53.7 million), while the other alternatives are approximately 10 percent to 75 percent higher in cost
  • Can be built without requiring a detour bridge and without closing the existing bridge during construction

7/10/2018 10:18 AM