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U.S. 1 Corridor Study

​​​​​​​​​Study Overview

The US 1 corridor is located in northeastern Wake and southwestern Franklin Counties, between I-540 in Raleigh and the northern intersection of US 1/US 1A (North Main Street) in Franklin County, a length of approximately 14 miles.

The corridor study area is in the Triangle metropolitan area of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill and is an important corridor in the north-south movement of people and goods in the region. The North Carolina Department of Transportation has designated US 1 as a Strategic Highway Corridor, as the facility connects the Raleigh area to Henderson and I-85. Due to increasing developmental pressures and the existing traffic congestion along portions of US 1 within the study area, the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (Capital Area MPO) along with other study sponsors has established the need to develop a comprehensive multimodal transportation plan for the corridor.

The purpose for conducting Study is to address two critical transportation needs:

  • To meet the growing travel demand
  • To improve safety

Current travel demand on the route meets or exceeds its capacity for the section of US 1 south of US 1A (South Main Street) in Wake County. Further adding to the congested travel conditions along this corridor, is the high percentage of trucks (between 8 and 14%) using the facility. By the planning year of 2030, traffic volumes along the study corridor are anticipated to exceed the current four-lane roadway's capacity. In addition, the crash rate for the study corridor exceeds the statewide average for over half of its length. The combination of high traffic volumes and high crash rates makes the US 1 corridor a good candidate for improvements.

The US 1 Corridor Study will develop an integrated transportation plan that provides for a high level of mobility as well as encouraging well-planned and sustainable growth along this corridor. An important goal of the study is to determine the right-of-way needed for implementation of the proposed improvements along the US 1 corridor before encroaching development makes multimodal improvements infeasible.

12/9/2019 2:53 PM