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Alternatives Under Study

Three multimodal alternatives have been identified for improving the US 1 Corridor, all of which incorporate various uses of frontage roads.

Land Use Strategies and Renderings

One of the objectives of the US 1 Corridor Study is to prepare a coordinated land use, urban design, and multi-modal transportation plan, suitable for implementation by the local governments. The study incorporates land use and economic development strategies to promote the vitality of the corridor and livability along the corridor. Key strategies include:

  • Encouraging mixed use development
  • Concentrating higher density growth at major intersections
  • Improving accessibility with a network of multimodal transportation options

The Conceptual Transportation Enhancements and Land Use Strategies diagram illustrates some of the transportation enhancements and land use strategies summaried below:

  • Provide interchanges at major cross-streets and additional grade-separated crossings at minor streets. All of these US 1 crossings will be pedestrian and bicycle friendly. These crossings will ensure and promote multimodal connectivity across US 1. Park and ride lots would be encouraged along the frontage roads with easy access to US 1 and the secondary roadway system.
  • Provide frontage and/or backage roads along the corridor to accommodate local trips and to increase the accessinility to properties and encourage economic development. This secondary roadway system is very important to the corridor. In fact, the proposed US 1 transportation improvements will not be sufficient if this secondary roadway system is not implemented.

Renderings, Illustrative Examples, and Site Development Concepts

The renderings, illustrative examples, and site development concepts envision a corridor with activity centers, multimodal opportunities, and landscaping that promotes an aesthetically pleasing "gateway" for one of the region's major highways. View the photomontages, concepts, and plans below.

5/13/2019 9:49 AM