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Project Highlights

​Construction was completed to replace the Hertford S-Bridge (Bridge No. 8) over the Perquimans River on U.S. 17 Business/Church Street in Hertford. The N.C. Department of Transportation's preferred alternative – the recommended design – is Alternative B, which involved building a new swing-span bridge next to the current bridge.

​Alternative B was selected because Hertford, Winfall and Perquimans County all supported it. It is expected to have less effect on the Hertford Historic District – which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places – than the Alternative D-Mod, the previously preferred alternative. Alternative D-Mod would have built a high-rise bridge that tied into Church Street near the existing bridge.

Finding of No Significant Impact Completed

In January 2018, NCDOT completed a State Finding of No Significant Impact, an environmental document that ascertained the project would have no significant impact on the environment. ​

8/29/2022 7:05 AM