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U.S. 70 Havelock Bypass: Photos & Videos

​​As of February 2021, the project is approximately 22 percent complete. Bridge construction is progressing on the dual bridges over the southwest prong of Slocum Creek and the bridge on Sunset Drive over future U.S. 70 Bypass. Construction is starting on the bridge over the east prong of Slocum Creek. Crews are hauling to various locations throughout the project limits such as on the southern end of the project, south of Lake Road and north of Sunset Drive. 

Watch an aerial view of the progress.​​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​As of July 2020, the project is approximately 15 percent complete. The majority of operations have been occurring where the new bypass alignment crosses Sunset Drive.​ Watch an aerial view of the progress so far.


Photo Gallery

2/19/2021 3:24 PM