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The US 64 Corridor Study was conducted as a joint effort between the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), Town of Apex, Town of Cary, Town of Pittsboro, Wake County and Chatham County for the segment of US 64 from the US 64/US64 Business split on the east side of Pittsboro to the US 1/US 64 interchange in Cary.

Study Goals and Objectives

The goal of the study was to develop a master plan to preserve and enhance mobility and safety along US 64, while balancing community access and interests. This plan serves as a guide for development and improvements along the corridor from US 64 Business in Pittsboro to US 1 in Cary. The master plan includes two distinct components, a short-term plan and a long-term plan:

  • The short-term plan consists of interim strategies to improve mobility, safety and pedestrian accessibility at major intersections; and
  • The long-term plan consists of improvements needed to serve the anticipated amount of traffic in the year 2035 and later. It proposes to convert many of the major intersections to interchanges or overpasses.

One of the most important elements of this study was to establish a framework and collaborative process for land use and transportation decision making along the corridor. Numerous agencies and groups are responsible for overseeing elements of the corridor, including environmental agencies, NCDOT, counties and local municipalities. This study provides a comprehensive plan for the corridor that will provide the decision makers with the tools to collaborate and make decisions that are consistent with the vision for the corridor. While this phase of the study has been completed, it is really just the beginning, where the partners along the corridor work together to implement solutions that enhance the corridor for users, residents and businesses.

Just as important as defining what is the purpose of the study, it is important to define what the purpose of the study is not. The results of this study and the recommended solutions will not directly result in the construction of any of the solutions identified, but will act as a basis for developing additional studies to implement solutions that are consistent with the vision for the corridor.

The study establishes a guide for the corridor, and is based on existing data and projections of how the corridor is expected to evolve in the future. The results of the study are meant to be flexible and allow for innovation and enhancement of the solutions in the event that the future trends change or better solutions are developed. With a collaborative effort by the stakeholders along the corridor, it is likely that elements of this study may be improved upon and changes made that will better balance the community’s needs while maintaining the overall vision for the corridor.

Corridor Study Report

The January 2011 Corridor Study Report for the US 64 Corridor Study is a comprehensive document, which encompasses the activities, evaluations, comments, and recommendations developed as a part of the US 64 Study, which was initiated in December 2007.

Due to the large file size of the report (93.6 MB), the document is divided into sections for easier downloading. The report is an 11 x 17 color document in order to include the recommended designs and maps.

Title Page (1.3 MB)

Community Involvement

US 1 near the Neuse River in 2005 US 1 near the Neuse River in 2005

The US 64 Corridor Study was conducted with extensive input from the public, agencies and local leaders. The Corridor Study Team (CST) guided the study and had substantial influence over its direction. The public was engaged through two large workshops, one large community meeting, smaller group meetings and through other outreach activities and materials. Early coordination with environmental regulatory agencies was initiated through two agency meetings. A summary of the collaboration and involvement that took place throughout the study is provided in Chapter 8 of the Corridor Study Report and in the appendices.

Corridor Study Team

The US 64 CST was created to provide guidance and oversight to the study. The CST met throughout the duration of the study to review the consultant's work, give direction and input, and monitor the project study. The US 64 Corridor Study Team was the guiding force for this project. In addition to NCDOT team members include representatives from:

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Resources for Local Property Owners

In many cases, it is inevitable that a certain amount of private property must be acquired. The displacement of homes and businesses is minimized to the extent practicable. The following brochures will answer questions about this process.