Project Map
Project Map
Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Projects Under Construction
  • County: Wake
  • Type of Project: New interchange
  • STIP Number: R-2635D
  • Estimated Cost: $20 million
  • Project Team: Blythe Construction and Kimley-Horn
  • Start Date: February 2015
  • Completion Date:
    Late Summer 2017
Old Holly Springs-Apex Road Interchange

Project Overview and Purpose

The N.C. Department of Transportation is converting the existing bridge at the Triangle Expressway (N.C. 540) and Old Holly Springs-Apex Road (soon to be renamed Veridea Parkway) in Apex into an interchange.

Currently, drivers wanting to get on the Triangle Expressway from Old Holly Springs-Apex Road must drive 4.5 to 5.5 miles out of the way to get onto the expressway. The new interchange would provide a direct north-south connection between the Triangle Expressway and Old Holly Springs-Apex Road.

To accommodate for projected traffic increases resulting from a new housing development in the area, work also involves building auxiliary lanes – extra lanes that give drivers more time to merge – along a 1.5-mile stretch of the Triangle Expressway between the N.C. 55 Bypass and U.S. 1.

Project Highlights

Work on the Veridea Parkway interchange involves building exit ramps and entrance loops on the east side of Old Holly Springs-Apex Road – a design known as a partial clover because it resembles a partial clover.

Work also includes:

  • Widening the bridge carrying Old Holly Springs-Apex Road over the Triangle Expressway
  • Converting the outside shoulders along the Triangle Expressway – between the N.C. 55 Bypass and U.S. 1 – to auxiliary lanes and building shoulders along those lanes
  • Building toll gantries on the interchange ramps to allow all-electronic toll collection

The interchange is expected to open to traffic by early April 2017 with minor work continuing until late summer 2017.

Project Timeline

Milestone Dates*
Construction begins 2016
Open to traffic Early April 2017
Complete Late Summer 2017

* Future dates are preliminary and subject to change

Project Documents

Finding of No Significant Impact (March 2015)

Documents & Maps

Contact Information

Alan Shapiro, P.E.
Assistant Division Construction Engineer
(919) 220-4600
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Resources for Local Property Owners

Although the N.C. Department of Transportation works to minimize the number of homes and businesses displaced by a road project, it is inevitable, in many cases, that a certain amount of private property is needed. The following information explains right of way acquisition and answers questions about the process.