Per session law 2015-241, 136-18.05, Section 29.14, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is committed to Responsiveness, Efficiency, Performance, Oversight, Restructure, and Transparency. By doing so, the department has established the DOT REPORT program. The following information provides detailed information on each component of the REPORT program.


Increase transparency and public responsiveness to improve the condition of our roads by quickly addressing structural problems and other reported road hazards.


Adopt procedures to streamline project delivery and establish baseline unit pricing for transportation goods.


Increase transparency and responsiveness to the public by conducting an annual survey of North Carolina residents to measure the level of satisfaction with transportation services and an annual employee satisfaction survey.


Increase budget transparency and allow for greater legislative and citizen oversight.


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and align operations and staffing with the strategic goals set by the Department.


Increase public transparency of the Department's available information on highway and bridge projects.

  • Performance Dashboard - see how NCDOT is performing on its strategic goals and measures.
  • Project Progress - see the progress on all active construction projects.
  • Traveler Information - see real-time travel information, inculding live traffic cameras and speed sensors, by region, route or county for road construction, accidents, weather conditions or other incidents that may affect travel.
  • State Transportation Improvement Program - see the 10 year State and Federal-mandated plan that identifies the construction funding for and scheduling of transportation projects throughout the state.