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Travel information is currently disseminated to the public using venues such as Highway Advisory Radio, Dynamic Message Signs, and on other NCDOT services. The North Carolina 511 system is part of a nationwide effort to disseminate travel information to the public via another venue, the telephone. 511 in North Carolina was implemented in the summer of 2004.

511 uses an automated voice response system, which means callers are guided through a menu with a series of requests. Callers can ask for specific areas, and the system will provide information about traffic incidents, closures and other important roadway conditions.

Background on 511

In July of 2000, the Federal Communications Commission assigned 511 for nationwide access to travel information services. 511 is an abbreviated dialing code for travelers to access highway, multi-modal, and other pertinent travel information via landline or wireless phones. By collecting travel information, NCDOT is able to disseminate information to the public, the users of the NCDOT highway system, to assist in the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. By giving the public access to travel information like construction, incidents, traffic, and transit, the public can make educated decisions about travel times, routes, and modes.

Types of Information Available

  • Traffic incidents and major closures on Interstates, US Routes, and State Routes in NC
  • Weather Conditions Statewide
  • Road Construction and Planned Road Construction on Interstates, US Routes and State Routes in NC
  • Amber Alerts
  • Links to Neighboring States’ 511 Phone Systems

To learn more about the 511 phone service, see our 511 FAQ.

How to Use 511

511 Touch Tone Codes

Below are documents containing the 511 touch tone codes for all of the routes, counties, cities, and metro areas the 511 service includes:

  1. Dial 511 from any phone. If you are calling outside of North Carolina, dial (877) 511-4662.
  2. The North Carolina 511 system uses voice activated and touch tone technology. When you dial, the system will greet you and present you with the option of listening to any urgent messages. From there you will be prompted with a menu of options:
    • For Highways say "Highways" or press 1
    • For Public Transportation say "Public Transportation" or press 2
    • For Other Services say "Other Services" or press 4
    • For Other States 511 say "Other States" or press 5
  3. At anytime you can dial "88" or "TT" to switch from voice to Touch Tone.
  4. Say "Main Menu" or "Help" to return to the original options on the Main Menu.
  5. Once you hear the option you wish, say it and follow the next menu.

For both voice and touchtone:

To receive traffic information on specific roadways, use your keypad to enter the number of the roadway, then press the star (*) key.


511 in Other States

Several North Carolina sister states have or plan to have 511 systems up and running:

Contact Information

We'd love to have your feedback regarding the 511 phone service. You can contact us through:

  • E-mail: Contact Us
  • 511 Alternative Toll Free Number: 1-877-511-4662