Take a $20 bill. Now strike a match and watch the money go up in smoke. Pretty crazy idea, right? Yet many of us do something similar every time we drive. We fill up our gas tanks, then burn through extra fuel - and money - that we could be saving.

The good news is that it doesn't take much to start saving money at the gas pump. By tweaking your driving habits and adopting a few simple car maintenance tips, you can easily cut your fuel consumption and get more mileage out of your vehicle. Getting 30 MPG instead of 20 MPG saves the average driver about $990 per year in fuel costs!

There are other benefits, too. Reducing the amount of fuel you use improves air quality, since motor vehicles account for about half of all greenhouse gas emissions in North Carolina and up to 70 percent in urban areas. That means everyone - you, your grandma, the family next door – can breathe easier.

No matter what you drive, you can reduce carbon dioxide and save money - right now.

This page will show you how to start driving green and saving green.

Drive Green, Save Green Posters

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"10 Simple Ways to Save"

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"10 Simple Ways to Save"

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Watch Drive Green, Save Green Videos

Race Car Mom

Every five miles per hour you go over 60 can cost you an extra 20 cents per gallon.

The Cheapskate

Shows the benefits of regularly scheduled maintenance.

Low Pressure Dude

Illustrates the benefits of properly inflated tires.

Junk in the Trunk

Notes that drivers can save $40 a year and help the environment by clearing out their trunks.

Nature Girl

Tells drivers they can save money by rolling up their windows and turning on their air conditioners when going over 40 MPH.

How to Save Green

Drive more efficiently

Learn how small changes in your driving habits, like going a little slower, using cruise control or cutting off the AC can add up to big savings.

Maintain your vehicle

Tips for simple, regular maintenance that can help you save on gas and avoid more costly repairs.

Drive less

Find public transit in your area, locate a carpool buddy, and get information on biking and walking in North Carolina.

Did You Know?

Keeping tires properly inflated saves you one tank of gas a year?

For every 5 mph you go over 60 mph, you’re paying 20 cents more per gallon for gas?

Your air conditioner can consume up to one gallon of gas per tank to cool the vehicle?

Using cruise control on 10,000 of the miles driven in a year could save you nearly $200?

You can lose 30 gallons of gasoline annually by not tightening your fuel cap?

On a 10-minute trip, rushing to get to your destination – i.e. flooring it at every green light and slamming on your brakes – will get you there only 24 seconds sooner, but reduce your fuel efficiency from 25 mpg to 17 mpg?


Ecodriving Calculator

Use this calculator from ecodrivingusa.com to find out how much you’ll save by driving green.

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