Data and maps here are provided primarily by the Mapping Section, part of the NCDOT Transportation Asset Analytics.

  • The Mapping Section is committed to providing superior quality information and mapping of the existing state maintained system of highways and computer generated images of proposed projects for the NC Department of Transportation.
  • We acknowledge the immense responsibility to produce and maintain these products and services as accurately as possible because of their value in the planning, funding, construction, and maintenance of transportation facilities in North Carolina.
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County Maps

These county maps identify routes that make up the North Carolina Department of Transportation State Highway System. These routes are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and consist of Primary and Secondary roads.

Select a county on the map or dropdown menu to view available maps.

Statewide Maps

State Transportation Map

Map Preview

The state transportation map is the department's most popular publication. The map features the state's extensive highway system, as well as important safety information. Along with the Division of Travel, Tourism and Film Development, NCDOT prints nearly two million copies each year.

North Carolina Primary Routes Map

Map Preview

This map identifies all the North Carolina interstate, US and NC routes. It is based off our NC State Travel Map.

North Carolina County Outline Map

Map Preview

This map shows county names and their respective boundaries.

North Carolina Division Map

Map Preview

The North Carolina Department of Transportation divides the duties of building and maintaining the infrastructure into 14 divisions across the state.

Posted Bridges on Primary Routes

Map Preview

Posted bridges are bridges whose structural load carrying capacity is limited to the weight of vehicles posted on the bridge, as determined by a load rating analysis.

Posted bridge maps are broken out into NC DOT’s 14 Divisions and show posted bridges on Primary Routes (Interstates, US & NC highways). These maps are made available as a service to industry, the enforcement community, and affected local, state and federal agencies.

Bridge posting information is subject to continual updates resulting from bridge inspections, structural analyses, bridge maintenance (repair and replacement), and incidents. NC Bridge Postings are typically updated monthly, however, subsequent updates, improvements, closures and/or incidents may not be reflected.

For bridge and bridge load information, contact the Structures Management Unit at 919-707-6400.

Click on the pdf files below to display the division posted bridges on the associated primary routes map.

North Carolina Truck Network Map

The North Carolina Truck Network Map as well as State Highway Patrol information and other trucking information is available here.

County Crash Profile Overview Maps


Crash Map

The Transportation Mobility and Safety Unit and the NCDOT Executive Committee for Highway Safety have collaborated with the Transportation Asset Analytics - Mapping Section to develop and produce Crash Profile Summary Maps. These maps show the distribution of Fatal, Fatal + A-injury, and Total Crashes for the all vehicles as well as for motorcycles and large trucks. They provide a visual summary of crash data for the public, NCDOT’s safety partners, and the department’s leadership team while supporting data-driven efforts to identify crash areas of concern.

The tabular crash data upon which these maps are based are collected and maintained by Transportation Mobility and Safety. Crash rates are included in the Department’s Performance Dashboard as an indicator of how well we are meeting our mission and goals.


Crash Maps by County (Based on crash data from January 2010 to December 2015)

  All Motor Vehicles Motorcycles Large Trucks
Fatal Crashes

Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes

Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Rate

Fatal Motorcycle Crashes

Fatal Motorcycle Crash Rate

Fatal Truck Crashes

Fatal Truck Crash Rate

Fatal and "A" Type Injury Crashes

Fatal and "A" Type Injury Vehicle Crashes

Fatal and "A" Type Injury Crash Rate

Fatal and "A" Type Injury Motorcycle Crashes

Fatal and "A" Type Injury Crash Rate

Fatal and "A" Type Injury Truck Crashes

Fatal and "A" Type Injury Truck Crash Rate

Total Crashes

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor Vehicle Crash Rate

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle Crash Rate

Truck Crashes

Truck Crash Rate

*Note: Crash Rates are based on incidents per 1000 people. “A” Type injuries are defined as a disabling injury serious enough to prevent the injured person(s) from performing their normal activities for at least one day beyond the day of the crash.

Inventory and Assessment Reports

NCDOT Maintained Mileage By System Report

Highway and Road Mileage Reports

The Road Inventory & Mapping Sections of the Transportation Asset Analytics are committed to providing superior quality information and mapping of the existing state maintained system of highways and computer generated images of proposed projects for the NC Department of Transportation.

The North Carolina Highway System is a dynamic system. There are typically thousands of changes made every year. This report is a snapshot of the system as of January 1 of each year. The Road Inventory Section strives to update this data in a timely and accurate manner. We include annual changes to the system that are reported to us on a calendar year basis. If you have any questions about the history of this data or how it is acquired, please contact the Road Inventory Engineer at (919) 733-3725.

Historical Maps for North Carolina

Historic Maps

Historical County Maps

History of the State Transportation Map

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