Traffic Volume (AADT) Maps are a product created by the Traffic Survey Group in cooperation with the SRMU Mapping Section. The county and urban maps supplied by the mapping section serve as a foundation for Traffic Survey employees to identify locations known as "count stations". Traffic Surveys labels each of these stations with the Annual Average Daily Traffic counts. PDF's of the current AADT maps are available below.

If you are interested in learning more about Traffic Survey's mission, traffic data collection process and traffic data products, please visit their website.

If you have further questions concerning Traffic Count Data Information, please contact the NCDOT Traffic Survey Group.

By clicking on the Traffic Volume Map links below, you can access the individual county sheets in PDF format. The name of the county will be followed by a number. These numbers represent each sheet, i.e., Sheet 2 of 9. If you do not know which sheet you need, click on the "sheet key". If a sheet key is not available, you can ALWAYS find a sheet key on the 1st sheet for each county.

Urban Area AADT Traffic Maps

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County Area AADT Maps by Year

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