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Office of Civil Rights

Office of Civil Rights
The N.C. Department of Transportation's Office of Civil Rights promotes and ensures equal access and equal opportunity for customers and employees participating in North Carolina transportation programs that receive federal and/or state funding.

The office enforces federal and state laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age and, in certain circumstances, genetics, sex and religion.

Through its various programs, the Office of Civil Rights:​
  • Investigates complaints alleging discrimination
  • Conducts compliance reviews of covered entities that must comply with the law
  • Provides training and technical assistance to covered entities to help them understand how they can voluntarily comply with the law
  • Conducts statewide outreach to help individuals and covered entities understand rights and obligations under applicable laws
  • Provides business and technical training to improve small businesses' efficiency and skills to increase their economic viability

Civil Rights Programs​


10/11/2021 12:21 PM