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Proposed Rule Amendment

​​​​​​​​Highway Operations (19A NCAC 02D) 

Text of Proposed Rules

Section .0800​ (Prequalification: Advertising and Bidding Regulations)

Notice of Text​

Explanation of/Reason for Proposed Rule​​

NCDOT is proposing to amend 19A NCAC 02D .0803 to reflect a process change on the requirements to bid on federal and state funded highway/bridge construction projects.

Historically, the Department has required prospective bidders who wish to bid on highway/bridge construction projects to purchase specific documents for a fee of $25 for proposals, $40 for half size project plans, or $100 for full size plans. The Department is enhancing the technology used in the bidding process and is eliminating or reducing the current expenses associated with bidding on NCDOT highway/bridge construction projects while maintaining the same level of communication and customer service. This necessitates a change to 19A NCAC 02D .0803.

In the future, prime contractors and subcontractors will be able to bid on projects without being required to purchase plans or proposals. This process change will reduce a financial burden on the regulated public and its financial impact to the Department is not substantial. 

The agency’s overall yearly budget is $6 billion. Any loss in revenue will, in turn, be a reduction in paper, toner, and wear and tear on equipment due to reduced printing requirements. The Department will break even in any reduction in purchasing of bid documents due to purchases being processed at cost. The Department does not expect the revenue to move from an average of $121,416 to $0 as there will continue to be an option for contractors to purchase proposals and plans through NCDOT.

Public Hearing

The N.C. Department of Transportation held a virtual public hearing on the proposed rule:

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
10 a.m.

Public Comment

NCDOT accepted public comments from April 18 to June 17, 2022.

Not applicable to this package of proposed permanent rules:

  • Federal Certification​​

6/23/2022 10:39 AM