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Partnerships and Key Strategies

Encourage Stewardship of North Carolina's Natural & Cultural Resources

North Carolina's land, air and water resources are the foundation of quality living, economic prosperity and community identity. NCDENR will utilize the Conservation Planning Tool (CPT). North Carolina should continue its national leadership in local, regional and statewide greenway development by completing a Green Infrastructure Plan for North Carolina. North Carolina should continue to plan and construct a statewide pedestrian and bicycle network that incorporates green infrastructure where possible and maximizes its environmental co-benefits, such as providing wildlife habitat corridors, mitigating flooding, and protecting air and water quality.

This diagram represents the partnerships and lead agencies necessary to address this principle
Conserve and protect North Carolina's natural and cultural heritage
Objectives (The WHAT)
Reduce automobile dependence Increase the active transportation linkages between the state's natural and cultural resources Conserve and protect North Carolina's natural resources Expand statewide greenway network
Performance Measures (The EVALUATION)
Percentage of planning and design efforts that utilize Conservation Planning Tool Reduction in transportation-related emissions due to increase in walking/bicycling trips Miles of greenways/shared-use paths Measure of connectivity between park assets
Example Strategies (The HOW)
Complete a Green Infrastructure Plan (blueprint for improving ecological footprint and targeting areas that need protection) for North Carolina Expand the statewide network of greenways that links key natural and cultural resources Build partnerships between NCDOT, NCDENR, land trusts and non-profits to promote collaboration Utilize the Conservation Planning Tool (CPT) and Green Growth Toolbox (GGT) for transportation planning and design Update and coordinate trail design guidelines (NCDOT, DENR) Establish evaluation/benchmarking program
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