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Stewardship, for the purposes of this Plan, addresses the impact that transportation decisions (both at the government/policy level and individual level) can have on the land, water and air that North Carolinians and tourists enjoy. Even a modest increase in walking and bicycling trips (in place of motor vehicle trips) can have significant positive impacts. For example, replacing two miles of driving each day with walking or bicycling will, in one year, prevent 730 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere (1).

(1) FHWA. (1992). Benefits of bicycling and walking to health.
Be good stewards of our environment by reducing automobile dependence, completing a Greenprint Plan for North Carolina, and linking together the state's natural and cultural resources through a statewide network of greenways.
Goal : Improve coordination between state agencies and conservation groups.

WalkBikeNC sets a course for addressing these environmental topics and issues. Learn more in this module about the impact of transportation choices to the environment in North Carolina and how you can help!

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