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NCDOT Statement on REAL IDs

We want to provide reporters and editors with clarification on efforts to bring DMV services to major employers across the state.

The state Division of Motor Vehicles has been engaged in targeted outreach as part of an effort to get REAL IDs to North Carolinians who need them ahead of the federal deadline of October 2020. As part of this outreach, DMV has deployed mobile units this year to the work sites of large employers including Charlotte, Bank of America, Camp Lejeune, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Morgan Stanley, the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association, ABC Law Enforcement, Pfizer, SAS and dozens more.

DMV also made REAL ID services temporarily available to employees of state government, one of the state’s largest employers, at a training room at NCDMV Headquarters in Raleigh. State employees of various state agencies were notified of the temporary services by email.  The DMV training room is typically used to test equipment and train staff, and was used to provide temporary driver license services for 9-15 hours a month from January through early August. Other state agencies scheduled mobile units to come to their locations to assist their employees.

This effort to bring DMV services to major employers has:

  • Enabled more people across the state to obtain REAL IDs faster
  • Reduced the number of people who need to come into DMV offices for services, freeing up space for others
  • Increased awareness of the 2020 REAL ID deadline

When mobile or temporary services are scheduled at an employer’s worksite, appointments are reserved for those employed or affiliated with the employer.

Attached is a list of all the locations the mobile units have visited in 2018. Highlighted locations are open to all members of the public, while others are open to employees of a particular employer. To date, about 6,200 employees, including 411 state employees, have received REAL IDs using the services provided by DMV’s mobile units and its temporary office.  

DMV is not currently providing REAL IDs to state employees at DMV Headquarters, and will complete the last of the scheduled appointments at other major employers at the end of August. As conditions allow, DMV plans to again offer REAL ID services using mobile units at locations across the state. Businesses, organizations and community groups that would like to schedule a mobile unit to serve their area can call DMV to schedule as available. Mobile units also serve rural and remote areas that are far from DMV offices, and are available at statewide events such as the State Fair and Azalea Festival.

Questions: Jamie Kritzer, 919-210-1120 or Patrice Bethea, 919-604-1375


12/17/2018 5:23 PM