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Surveyors to Start Marking Rail Corridor

​MURPHY – The exact lines have blurred over the years.

But the N.C. Department of Transportation will start on Sept. 10 a process of identifying the precise property lines along the Andrews to Murphy rail line.

A contractor for the NCDOT will start surveying the length of corridor to identify the exact railroad right of way. The surveying is part of a feasibility study directed by the N.C. General Assembly to determine the possible disbursement, and perhaps, partial reduction of the width of the right of way along the state-owned corridor.

Crews from Vaughn & Melton — usually two or three individuals sporting safety gear and surveying equipment — will be in the area to find the right of way, which is typically 100 feet from the center line of the railroad tracks.

At times, crews may cross private land as part of the process, as allowed by state law. The North Carolina general statute states the following:

• The Department of Transportation without having filed a complaint and a declaration of taking as provided in this Article is authorized to enter upon any lands and structures upon lands to make surveys, borings, soundings or examinations as may be necessary in carrying out and performing its duties under this Chapter, and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass, or taking within the meaning of this Article; provided, however, that the Department of Transportation shall make reimbursement for any damage resulting to such land as a result of such activities and the owner, if necessary, shall be entitled to proceed under the provisions of G.S. 136-111 of this Chapter to recover for such damage.

The survey of the 14-mile rail corridor is estimated to take six-to-eight weeks.

For more information, contact Andy Miller, Rail Division Facilities and Property manager at 919-707-4721.


12/17/2018 5:23 PM